BMW 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 Series X 3/ 5/ 6 Price In India

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BMW 3/5/6/7/M series X3/5/6 Price List 2014 – Ex-Showroom  in Indian Rupee (INR)

Ex-showroom Prices of Delhi,Mumbai,Jaipur,Pune,Chennai,Ahmedabad,Kolkata.

BMW 3 Series

The 3 series is the strongest horse in the BMW stable and ensures a large part of the turnover. This task must henceforth comply with the sixth generation - and the prerequisites for this are fine. Aside from minor weaknesses in the processing, BMW has put together an optimum overall package with which both comfort-oriented and ambitious sports riders can be satisfied.It is the entry level car from BMW, so if you are looking for a luxury not all that expensive 3 series is your best option.

BMW 3 Series Car (Ex-showroom Delhi price)
  • BMW 3 Series 320d Corporate Edition –Rs. 24,55,000/-
  • BMW 3 Series 320i – Rs. 27,90,000/-
  • BMW 3 Series 330i – Rs.33,95,000/-
  • BMW 3 Series 320d Highline – Rs. 31,60,000/-

BMW 3 Series price in other cities of India -
  •  Mumbai – Rs. 26,90,000 – 30,50,000/-
  •  Kolkata – Rs. 24,16,289 – 34,25,178/-
  •  Ahmedabad – Rs. 24,50,000 – 34,82,000/-
  • Chennai – Rs. 24,45,000 – 33,98,000/-

BMW 5 Series




Probably the best name for the result is mixed: on the one hand excited of the new 5 series with its elegant appearance and the straight eight-speed automatic transmission. The motors are - still - the top units in the segment. Silky-smooth six-cylinder are the domain of BMW. And also they belong  to the most economical - for the time being without the stop-start automatic transmission.

BMW 5 Series Price (Ex-showroom Delhi price)
  • BMW 5 Series 523i – Rs. 38,90,000/-
  • BMW 5 Series 525i – Rs. 41,15,000/-
  • BMW 5 Series 520d – Rs. 39,92,000/-
  • BMW 5 Series 530i – Rs.47,98,000/-

 Ex-showroom Mumbai -
  • BMW 5 Series 523i price– Rs. 37,23,000/-
  • BMW 5 Series 525d price– Rs. 42,48,000/-
  • BMW 5 Series 530d price– Rs. 43,29,000/-
  • BMW 5 Series 535i price– Rs. 58,17,000/-

BMW 6 Series

 Visually appealing,  better equipped for everyday and especially good with a noticeable chassis spread between comfort and good sportsmanship.Even the basic version is abundant in power, monster in terms of power.

BMW 6 Series  (Ex-showroom Delhi price)
  • BMW 6 Series 650i Coupe price – Rs. 79,82,000/-
  • BMW 6 Series 650i Convertible price – Rs. 91,29,000/-

BMW 7 Series

In short: The BMW becomes the new benchmark in the automotive luxury. It looks even better than the Audi A8 and provides more comfort than the Mercedes S-class.

BMW 7 Series Price (Ex-showroom Delhi )
  • BMW 7 Series 730Ld – Rs. 81,34,000/-
  • BMW 7 Series 740Li – Rs. 84,38,000/-
  • BMW 7 Series 750Li –Rs. 96,79,000/-
  • BMW 7 Series 760Li – Rs. 1,29,10,000/-


Certainly a reason to celebrate is the chassis of the new X 3, especially when compared to its predecessor.Alone the range of tools such as the performance control, a sport automatic or a sports steering, shows that BMW really outperforms a number of other cars in the segment. Even the robust plastic planks have been reduced in the new edition and with the M-sport package they disappear completely.

BMW X3 Price List (Ex-showroom Delhi )
  • BMW X3 2.5si –Rs.42,27,000/-
BMW X3 price in Mumbai (Ex-showroom)
  •  Mumbai – Rs. 27,00,000 – 41,85,000/-


It is difficult to improve good. BMW has once again proved that it still is. The new BMW X 5 is a consistent further development of its predecessor, all points from the specifications may be provided with a green hook: it has become even more spacious, high-quality, again sporting and yet comfortable. 

BMW X5 Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)
  • BMW X5 3.0d –Rs.56,00,000/-
  • BMW X5 4.8i – Rs.79,00,000/-

BMW X5 price in other cities of India
  •  Kolkata – Rs. 53,46,102 – 70,15,700/-
  • Ahmedabad – Rs. 54,25,000 – 71,15,000/-

BMW had heaved with his blatantly styled sports activity Coupé X 6 the driving dynamics performance of sport all-terrain vehicle to a new level.In the Interior, everything in the X 6 at least the front reminds of X5. When it comes to interior, there is no difference.

BMW X6 Prices (Ex-showroom Delhi )
  • BMW X6 30d – Rs. 65,00,000/-
  • BMW X6 50i – Rs. 86,00,000/-

BMW X6 price in other cities of India –
  • Ahmedabad – Rs. 69,50,000 – 1,32,95,000/-
  •  Jaipur – Rs. 67,92,500 – 85,59,000/-
  •  Kolkata – Rs. 68,52,000 – 1,31,19,500/-

The latest price for the M series and 1 series will be available shortly, stay tuned.
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Audi A4 | A6 | A8 | Q5 | Q7 | R8 Car Price in India

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Audi A4,A6,A8,Q5 & Q7 car Price List 2014 – Ex-Showroom  in Indian Rupee (INR)

Audi A4

The completely new chassis, longer wheelbase leading to considerably more driving comfort and dynamics. Especially improved weight distribution - differential and clutch have swapped place, the battery has migrated in the rear ,from which the A4 benefits . What is new is the dynamic steering, with which it gains better handling . By minimal steering intervention she stabilized the driving State also in the border area automatically.This is the entry level variant in Audi, so if you wanna buy a Audi not all that fancy on specs,low on cost, then this is the one you are probably looking for.

Audi A4 Price List (Ex-showroom Delhi )
  • Audi A4 1.8 TFSI – Rs. 27, 22,000/-
  • Audi A4 2.0 TDI – Rs. 28,85,000/-
  • Audi A4 2.0 TFSI – Rs. 29,15,00/-
  • Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro – Rs. 36,25,000/-
  • Audi A4 3.0 TDI Quattro – Rs. 37,30,000/-
Audi A4 Price in other cities of India
  • Banglore – Rs. 29,00,000 – 36,00,000/-
  •  Chandigarh – Rs. 27,58,000 – 37,74,500/-
  •  Mumbai – Rs. 29,25,000 – 36,00,000/-
  •  Pune - Rs. 29,00,000 – Rs 43,89,500/-

Audi A6

The new A6 is visually attractive, quieter, lighter, more economical, more dynamic, more spacious and more comfortable than its predecessor. In addition, there are many new attractive techniques, assistance systems and comfort options for which Audi  strongly asks to pay.The new A6 offers almost everything that one could wish from a modern luxury.This is a good car to zero in if you have budget of 50 lacs.

Audi A6 Luxury Car Prices(Ex-showroom Delhi )
  • Audi A6 3.0 TDI Quattro – Rs. 44,10,000/-
  • Audi A6 3.2 TFSI Quattro- Rs. 45,05,000/-

Audi A6 price in other cities of India:
 Mumbai - Rs. 38,90,000 – 45,00,000/-
Chandigarh - Rs. 38,30,000 – Rs 46,20,000/-
 Pune – Rs. 37,64,000 – Rs 37,64,000/-
 Ahmedabad - Rs. 47,25,500 – 47,29,000/-

Audi A8
The A8 consistently follows the Audi Design line and queues itself seamlessly in the A segment .The entertainment and security package of A8 is exemplary and sets standards not only on the issue of handling. The processing is close to the perfect and the motors are among the best and most efficient . The Interior is immaculate ,finest leather, precious wood and classy aluminium added together in a perfect manner to create a homely atmosphere.This is the top end model in the A series from the luxury giant.

Audi A8 Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)
  • Audi A8 3.0 TDI Quattro – Rs. 72,49,000/-
  • Audi A8 4.2 FSI Quattro – Rs. 84,70,000/-
  • Audi A8 W12 quattro – Rs.1,28,80,000/-

Audi Q5

Audi brings the currently most dynamic midsize SUV  in market. Despite high dynamics, the Q5 is no waiver at the comfort. The engines are strong, without being unduly thirsty.Muscular looks with low cabin noise, thanks to the all new aerodynamics.Although a SUV still gives a good mileage.

Audi Q5 SUV Price (Ex-showroom Delhi Cost)
  • Audi Q5 2.0 FSI Quattro –Rs. 39,46,000/-
  • Audi Q5 3.0 TDI Quattro- Rs.45,52,000/-

Audi Q5 Price in other cities of India -
  •  Chandigarh - Rs. 39,69,000 – 45,81,000/-
  •  Chennai - Rs. 39,70,000 – 45,82,000/-
  •  Pune - Rs. 41,86,267 – 48,35,000/-

Audi Q7

The optical retouches have done well, the revised Q7 works lightfooted. Its new appearance fits better to the inner values, because in the light of size and weight, the Q7 is amazingly dynamic all the way carrying that mighty SUV look. This is the top end model if you are looking for the SUV segment.

Audi Q7 car Prices (Ex-showroom Delhi )
Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro – Rs.53,40,000/-
Audi Q7 3.6 FSI Quattro – Rs.56,25,000/-
  • Audi Q7 4.2 FSI Quattro – Rs.65,35,000/-
  • Audi Q7 4.2 TDI Quattro – Rs.66,55,000/-
Audi Q7 price in other cities of India -
  •  Chennai – Rs. 56,60,000 – 56,62,000/-
  • Chandigarh – Rs. 55,35,000 – 55,37,000/-
  •  Mumbai – Rs. 52,00,000 – 52,10,000/-

Audi R8

Audi is propelled with the new R8 straight into the Premier League of sports car manufacturer.On  one hand, the R8 is a racing-bolide with great performance and impressive handling characteristics. On the other hand, it offers a lot of comfort and luxury. The aluminium frame body is both extremely light and stiff. Here, nothing staggering, no wobbles, creaks nothing.So far the only sport variant from the car giant available in Indian markets.

Audi R8 Price
  • Audi R8 4.2 FSI price – Rs. 1,17,20,000/-
  • Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro R Tronic  – Rs. 1,18,40,000/-

Please note: All price list are subject to changes, all efforts are made to keep the list in tune with the latest prices.
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Sony Xperia Z2 Price, Specifications and Reviews

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Sony Xperia is the new flagship smartphone from the mobile giant Sony. More is less, is probably what Sony believe in.
Waterproof,dust proof and shatter proof display like all other phones in the Z segment.

z2 specs photo

Sony Xperia Z2 has retained the two-tone design of its predecessor. The smartphone is graced with 5.2-inch full HD display and comes with a mere 8.2-mm thickness.On the brighter side, the edges of the Sony Xperia Z2 are more curved than its predecessor, which makes the phone better hen it comes to gripping.
The power, volume, and dedicated camera shutter buttons are placed on the right hand side of the phone, which is again dust resistant and waterproof to IP55 and IP58 standards just like the previous models in the segment.

  When it comes to display Sony Xperia Z2 scores a lot, especially when compared with its predecessor. The Sony Xperia Z2 comes with a 5.2 inch display, which is slightly larger than the 5-inch screen that graced the Xperia Z1, though the difference is not that noticeable unless you go on measuring the screen for real.  Sony has also implemented the IPS LCD technology in the Xperia Z2, as a result of which the display quality has improved by many folds and it also offers great viewing angles compared to the older versions.

Another advantage of using the IPS technology is that the colors do not look over saturated as they do in AMOLED screens offered by some of Sony's rivals, which is another good reason to zero in.

Sony Xperia Z2 runs on Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) along with a touch of customization from Sony , the TimeScape UI, which  is quite snappy and minimalistic.


This is where the real talking starts, it's equipped with a 20.7MP still camera on the rear, capable of shooting 4K videos. It uses a 1/2.3-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor and G Lens, with Sony's BIONZ image processing engine working behind the scene.

Usage Review
The Sony Xperia Z2 packs Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AB processor, clocked at 2.3GHz and is backed by ample 3GB of RAM. All this ensures that we have zero lag experience while multitasking and browsing the internet. Processing wise the phone needs less mention as the specs speak volumes.

This smartphone offers connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth v4.0, NFC, and GLONASS, but does not offer LTE.

  Sony Xperia Z2 comes with a sturdy 3,200mAh battery backup, which can easily last a day long for  medium to heavy range users.


From the rise of Walkman Series, their devices are known to be great media devices and the Xperia Z2 is no exception hen it comes to sound and quality playback. The speakers deliver quality output and have a long playback time.

The Verdict
 Xperia Z2 is loaded with quality features but what really makes it a superb phone is the video capturing quality and ofcourse the still ones. Processor is fast and snappy along with decent battery backup.

Sony Xperia Z2 can be availed at a best buy price of  Rs. 40,699. All major e-stores have this smartphone in stock.

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Sony Xperia Z Review,Specification And Price

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The Sony Xperia Z belongs to the class of superphones. It has a five-inch Full HD display and is impressively fast.

Lets begin with the design ,the Sony Xperia Z is sleek and edgy, the glass surfaces on the front and back are smooth and feel of plastic. The Xperia Z measures 139x71x7.9 mm and weighs a mere 146 grams, the five-inch screen is not much bigger than a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sony xperia z back picture

Full HD Display

The five -inch (12.7 centimeters) touchscreen lights over two million pixels (Full HD = 1920x1080 pixels). This corresponds to 443 ppi (pixels per inch). According to the manufacturer, the brightness of 500 candelas per square meter (cd / m²), however the test laboratory studies show "only" 373 cd / m². For comparison, the Apple iPhone 5 offers a pixel density of 326 ppi and a screen brightness of 567.7 cd / m².  In the test the display with extreme sharpness impressed. No pixels are visible to the naked eye to see. With high-definition video, it is not even flickering edges on diagonal lines. Colors, the display is very natural.

Photogenic Camera  with HDR

The 13-megapixel camera was a big surprise: better photos than xperia Z are yet to be taken , for a mobile camera  , at least not in daylight. However, the shutter lag is about twice as long as the iPhone 5 or HTC X +. When shooting against the light, the built-in HDR function ensures that subjects such as people, behind which the sun sets, are clearly visible and remain visible. Shoots up crystal clear videos in full HD, even with the front camera.

xperia z review front picture


The operation of the Xperia Z is immaculate - if you have both hands free,for thumb operation with one hand, the housing is too big.  A snappy processor clocked at 1.5 GHz quad-core  (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro), teams up with the Adreno 320 graphics chip for high speed. The benchmarks are evident: 8,138 points in Quadrant benchmark i.e, around 2,000 points more than the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.0.4) or the LG Optimus 4X HD (5,000 points, Android 4.0.4). Even the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 falls a tad short of the mark (7,000 points, Android 4.1.2). In the GL benchmark , the Xperia Z comes up with significantly more frames per second than the competition, even though it has to calculate many more pixels.

Expandable memory

The Xperia Z has two gigabytes (GB) of memory (RAM), of which 1.79 GB is for apps . The rest is for the operating system ( Android 4.1.2 ,"Jelly Bean"). The expandable memory slot comes in handy for some extra storage, supports microSD card to expand the memory to 16 GB up to 32 GB of data. With an adapter, you can also connect a USB flash drive.

Phone  battery life

Oh, this superphone can also be a good phone, in-class sound quality, even in hands-free mode. Though the UMTS reception could have been better. In the test , subjected to a typical everyday use the beast can handle upto 9 hours of performance.Probably a downer for some: Battery permanently installed.


In addition to HDMI , Micro USB, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n, the Sony smartphone offers NFC and LTE (4G). By the way: This smartphone is water resistant to IPX5/7- (dives for 30 minutes at a maximum depth of one meter) and dust-resistant IP5X standard. The only drawback: If you want to insert the charging cable into the micro USB connector, every time open up the flap. Here a wireless charging technology such as in Nokia devices would be a definite advantage.

sony xperia z waterproof test review pictures


In the new top model Sony has omitted nothing: Everything in a smartphone is now on board. The display in full HD resolution is super sharp and the processor ensures great pace. The thin case does not add too thick layers of housing and the camera takes crisp photos. Who wants an extra-sharp, big screen and great photo quality phone, currently there is nothing better. An extra praise goes to the waterproof case - finally you can also call carefree in the pouring rain. Only in the feel and handling Sony could still do much better. Please note:The rates may vary with place and time.

Price around the world.

Price in  India: starts at Rs 31,590.

In the UK priced at £529 for the unlocked version , though contract versions can be availed at a much lower price.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 best deals in UK

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The cheapest monthly contract is on offer at T-Mobile and will costs just £7 a month for 24 months. However, you need to pay £459.99 for the handset and in return you will get  50 minutes of calls, 100 texts and 250MB of data. The total cost over the contract works out to be £627.99.

T-Mobile is boasting a deal offering 2,000 minutes and unlimited texts and data for £36 a month for two years with a mere £99 charge for the phone. That works out at £963 in total over the contract tenure. Customers who want to keep the upfront cost to a minimum can get the handset for £19.99 on a £61-a-month contract. This includes unlimited calls, texts and data, and adds up to a total of £1,483.
O2 has a monthly contract priced at £22 which includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB of data and runs for two years. The handset charge is £399.99, bringing the total cost to £927.99.

Check the table below for best deals from T-mobile,O2,Vodafone,Orange.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications,Reviews and Price

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Compared to the previous Samsung Galaxy S3 , the dimensions have almost not changed. With 136 x 69 x 9 mm, the all new Galaxy S4 is despite a larger display,  a millimeter narrower. The weight is
reduced by 2 to 131 grams now.

Samsung continues to focus on a shell of polycarbonate. Despite nearly identical dimensions with the S3 takes place a 4.8-inch display now a 5-inch monitor on the front court. It comes with astonishing Full HD,  1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In the lab, it shows nothing new when it comes to optical experience. Bottom line, the display of the Galaxy S4 shows almost identical values as the Galaxy S3.
In practice, the display looks very sharp and the colors crisp. Individual pixels are no longer visible at about 440 pixels per inch.

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung's first smartphone with 13 megapixel camera. In daylight the Cam plays to its strengths: photos turned out very sharp even at the edges  . Also, the contrast is very good, the color reproduction is very natural. In artificial light, although the typical  yellow tinge is still there, but  not as extreme as in many other cell phones.
In very low light, the camera struggles with a strong image noise and blurred contours. In addition, the recordings become too dark. Who uses the flash, can look forward to a very bright and evenly lit photos with a pretty natural color reproduction. Videos succeed in Full HD resolution. The image stabilizer does a good job, however, seem a little choppy.

Galaxy S4 and S3 comparision
Galaxy S4 (Left) vs. Galaxy S3 (Right)


As the first phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped from the factory with Android 4.2.2.  The  Samsung Galaxy S4 powered by  Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor does an excellent job, as a whole, makes the S4 impressive and operates smoothly.


Price around the world.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price In India Is Rs. 41500.

Germany:Amazon DE has listed the Galaxy S4 on pre-order for €650.The European launch price of the Galaxy S4 might fluctuate anywhere between €600 and €700 depending on your country.

U.K.: Unlocked-Mobiles has listed the smartphone for £529.98 ($802) including VAT , while MobilePhonesDirect has priced it at £564.99 ($855).

Contract version  is available from £7 per month at T-mobile, check out the best Galaxy S4 contract deals in UK.

U.S and Canada: U.S., Canada  variant is expected to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and will probably see prices between $199 and $299, with a 3-year contract, and around $810 for the unlocked version.

Italy: Italian handsets which are likely to feature the Exynos 5 Octa processor, can be availed for  €700 ($905) with a European warranty and  €600 ($776) with an Italian warranty.

Sweden:The Swedish variant of the Galaxy S4, expected to carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor would cost around SEK 230 ($39) a month on contract.

Galaxy s4 hands on

The verdict.

For under 600 euros ~ INR 42,000 you can afford the current number one mobile on leaderboard, the HTC one . It is characterized by a brighter, albeit slightly smaller display and looks much more noble thanks to its aluminum Unibody. This one also works a tad smoother than the Galaxy S4 and has ahead of him in terms of the very good sound stereo speakers on the front. The internal memory is 32 GB, but can not, contrary to the S4 expand. In low light, the One shoots better photos, but because the much lower resolution fails, the camera cuts the S4 overall better.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 specification,review and price

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Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
The all new S3 offers not only  raw performance. Samsung launches the phone in London to talk about features that will make your mobile  able to adapt  different situations. Make the phone detect eye movements, and as long as you look on the screen,  the screen saver doesn't come up, a feature called Smart Stay and thus saving the user some trouble by keeping the screen up as long as the user needs it.

The design must be inspired by nature but rounded shapes. Pebble Blue and Marble White, the two colors to be in even ringtones that sound like dripping water, Samsung added for reinforcing natural feeling.
The screen is 4.8 inches and has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It is of type Super AMOLED, HD, that is the same type of screen that Samsung uses Google-Mobile Galaxy Nexus.
On the back is an 8-megapixel camera. The camera  has "zero shutter lag" , no delay between pressing the picture and processing of the picture, up to 20 pictures can be taken in sequence by 3.3 frames per second. Galaxy S3 also has a feature to be able to select the best image from a series of images. On the front there is a 1.9 megapixel camera that also will be capable of recording in HD.
Under the hood there is a lighthouse heading called a quad core processor.

Galaxy S3 will begin to be sold at the end of May.

galaxy s3 features

Galaxy s3 price in US,UK,INdia,France,Germany,Italy,Dubai,Russia




Samsung Galaxy Price :

  • India: Approx 37,000 Rs
  • USA :About $199-$299 for a 2-year contract and around $700 for an unlocked model.
  •  United Kingdom : Around 475 GBP (Releasing on 29 May 12)
  • Germany: About £500 for an unlocked phone.
  • France: Approx. €600 for no contracts model.
  • Italy: Around €639 for Unlocked phone (Release date :29 May 12).
  •  UAE (Dubai): Approx. 2592 AED
  •  Hong Kong : 5461 HKD
  •  China: 4447 Chinese Yuan
  • Russia : 21202 Russian Rubles
  • Japan : 55802 Japanese Yen 
  •  Brazil : 1361 Brazil Reals
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Audi A4|A6|A8|Q5|Q7|R8 Car Price in India Click here